Recent posts

  • Reprap

    My 3D Printer projects

    Various projects about Reprap and 3D printing in general. I am working on my second Reprap and have designed and printed a few good models.

  • Z-Wave

    Home automation devices

    I'm automating my home through the use of Z-Wave and similar technologies. My current plan is to implement a WCF server that various controller devices throughout my home can control lighting, music and tasks.

  • Raspberry Pi

    The little computer that can

    My experiments with the Raspberry PI, and some projects that I am working on that uses it.

  • Web Development

    I play around building websites and eCommerce, and make a living from it.

  • Food and drink

    From roasting coffee to making sushi and slow cooking. I enjoy the best food and drink that I can.

  • Hardware hacking

    If it takes skills then I enjoy playing around with it. Usually have several projects on the go.

  • Cars and F1

    Watching F1 and driving my car. Open top motoring is the only way to drive.