TV Listing Guide

Posted November 13 2005

I had an idea for a program last night, while checking the TV guide.  I'm sure that a service like it must exist, but it would be cool to try and code something.

With the large number of TV channels, it is often the case that I will miss a program worth watching on an obscure channel.   I can't be bothered with keeping a TV schedule handy.  More times than not I see a program that I want to watch but will forget about it at the appropriate time.

What I wan't to be able to do is key in a profile of types of programs that I would like to watch (documentary, films etc).  The system will then email me at an approptiate time with the nights listings.  I would also like to be able to mark a particular program, and have a SMS sent to my phone before the program starts.

Such a simple idea has already been part of a BBC backstage competition.  However having a quick look at the entrants it seems that are not quite what I'm looking for. I did find one idea, that  looked like it was exactly what I am thinking off, but it only relies on the BBC content.

A couple of related notes.

  • I'm going to subscribe to the BBC Backstage feed
  • Can I embed feeds directly in to Wordpress, so I can take my feeds where I go.
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