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Posted August 13 2005

I am moving to Kilburn on tuesday.  This is good, because I get out of the massive and move closer to my mates in London.

What I need to do is get used to travelling around London.  For years I have just got a tube to wherever I need to go.  This has left me with a distored mental map of the geography of London.

One of the best means to travel about London is by Bus, it cheap, does not require driving and does not force you in to becoming a mole person.  What's more, since you become used to the roads, you learn the geography of the city much better.

Trouble is I have no idea as to where the various bus routes travel along/to.  What I would like is a map to see the bus routes for an area.

The idea that I have is to take every bus route in london and try to apply it to GoogleMaps.co.uk

That way I could see in a simple manner how all of the routes all work together.  More importantly, I could see what I need to do in terms of walking and catching buses to get to a particular area.

I've used the "Get Directions" function in the past to plot a route on the system.  I wonder if it is possible to plot multiple routes within the same Google Maps session?  That way I coluld plot each bus route.  Another interesting hack to try, me thinks.

Anyway, since I'm moving to London, how about a Cockney Joke? 

Q. How much does a Cockney pay for Shampoo?
A. Paund-Ten!

It works, but only in a Cockney acent.

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