Nearly wrecked the website

Posted November 16 2006

Just trying to clean up the site, I deleted the wrong datbase by mistake. Luckilly I don't update too often and had a backup from several a couple of posts ago. The last two posts we're carefully liften from Googles cache (

One of the upshots is that the Javascript bits I've put up have been mangled in the process. Will try to fix when I take a review of the site.

I kind of lost interest with the eye-tracking project. Although the videos of my eye I made did end up being projected on massive screens curtesy of my mateDirty Henry (V.J), including Big Chill.

Been playing around with a bit more computer vision and image processing techniques. Found this paper that would offer the solution to cluster analysis in the eye tracking project.

Trying to tie alot of skills together at the moment with a little side project. Trying to build up the funds for the hardware and tools needed. I don't want to disclose too much until things start to move on a bit.

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