Scrub and scroll div

Posted February 14 2006

Update: I've moved on a bit, and posted my latest version


I'm working on a small pet project at the moment that requires the content of a div to be 'scrubed' around. Think the navigation with but with any arbitry content.


With CSS you can easily allow an oversized child container to show part of its content through a parent container by setting its overflow property hidden. If the same property is set to auto or scroll then scroll bars can be used to navigate around the content.


To make the interface a bit more interesting I want to experiment with having the user click and drag the area around. Gmaps have shown that used correctly this type of interface can work well.


After a quick bit of coding here is my result so far.


  • It only works in IE6 (as tested) need to get Firefox and other browsers working
  • Their is some text highlighting problems with IE
  • Some other small dragging problems
  • I'm sure that somebody has done all the hard work, should take a look
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