Claire Lloyd Properties

Posted December 18 2007

Claire Lloyd Properties are an estate agents in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

I have just had the unfortunate experience of renting a property through this company. Despite their boasts of being award winning, I have only one piece of advice. Stay away from them at all costs. In my experience of renting they are poor estate agents.

They consistently failed to assist me, did not listen to my instructions of warning about the property, and broke appointments. They must be much better estate agents in Aylesbury.

  • They had a months notice before I wanted to move in to the property.
  • When I was travelling to pick up the keys they told me the property might not be ready - Safety Certificates hadn't been applied.
  • I was left waiting an hour outside the place waiting for the checking in clerk to arrive.
  • The clerk had gone AWOL so we had to have somebody else to take me through the process.
  • A large number of problems with the inventory were missed including stains in the bathroom and scratches on work services.
  • My copy of the inventory took three months to arrive
  • A Bees nest was found under the kitchen window. I spoke to members of staff about it on three different occasions, and it was never removed.
  • A member of staff wanted to inspect the property mid-tenancy, I cut short a holiday to make the appointment. I was again left waiting outside. When I called the office I was quickly given the excuse that she was going to call me, but couldn't find my file. Apparently her car would not start and she couldn't make the appointment.

I've just received my check-out details. All the changes we made to the inventory have been ignored. I have the feeling they are going to rob me of my deposit now.

There are plenty of estate agents around Aylesbury, I would suggest that you go to the others first. I would not recommend anybody use this estate agent.

Is may be just my experience but Claire Lloyd Properties are rubbish.

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