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Posted December 10 2007

I've taken the following quote from CAB (Citizens advice Bureau) at Its worth reading it through as well as the other documents.

When and how can I take holidays

Can you choose when or how much holiday to take or can an employer dictate when or how much holiday can be taken

You may ask to take any leave to which you are entitled by statute when you choose, provided you give your employer the correct notice and takes into account the terms of any relevant agreement. However, your employer has a right to refuse a request, provided the employer gives the correct notice and takes account of the terms of any relevant agreement.

Your employer can require you to take all or any of the holiday that you are entitled to at a specific time, provided that you are given the correct prior notice and the employer takes into account the terms of any relevant agreement.

The Working Time Regulations do not put any limit on the amount of holiday that can be taken at any one time. This means that there is no entitlement to take two weeks of holiday off at once, unless the relevant agreement or employment contract allows for it.

Read the section in the sections When can you take holiday and Your employer refuses to let you take holiday in this pdf document . Its taken from another CAB website -

Your employer refuses to let you take holiday

If your employer refuses to let you take holiday when you have given theproper notice, you could:

  • try to get a written statement of the terms and conditions in yourcontract of employment. All employees have a right to this, and itshould include details of your entitlement to paid holiday
  • talk to your employer and try and reach an agreement which isacceptable to both of you
  • get help to do this from a trade union representative, if you have one,or from an experienced adviser (see below)

It seems to come down to you can take holiday, so long as you give proper notice, and you've not signed a contract that's has given those rights away.

For more resources look try this search in google refuse holiday given notice

  1. Realise that what they are doing breaks the spirit of good employer/employee relations
  2. Check your contact and contact Citizens advise Bureau
  3. Speak to your line-manager and explain why you want christmas off.
  4. Explain to him/her that you have taken professional advice.
  5. Show them the documents and explain that you wish to take matters further.
  6. Organise other staff members that feel the same way.
  7. Contact your union representative.

Remember this all depends on the fact that you have not signed a contract that says "I will work xmas if asked". . If you have then its game over from the start. First have it checked and contact CAB

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