Bought a new toy to play with

Posted April 03 2011

Googles April fool joke spawned an interesting hack which show how easily it is to impliment crazy ideas. Having watch the Lady Ada explination and the series of hacks comming out of the XBox Kinect. I went ahead and bought myself one.

I visited Currys to see what the current price is, I decided against buying one at full retail price. They were looking for one with a game for about £130. Not needing a game (my Xbox has been off for about a year now). I decided against the purchase.

However today, I happened to take a look at a local pawn shop, and came accross one for a much more reasonable one for 85. So I could'nt really think of a reason for not taking advantage of this bargin.

What was really nice, was the PFY who served me was actually a bit interested. Although intially he was fishing for an up-sell I soon caught him off guard with the geek side of things.

"Which version of the X-Box will you be plugging it in to" - said he. I then delivered a monolage on my plans for general hacking, and my ambition to turn it in to a gesture controller for my home automation system. He was impressed by my geek-fu! Although in fareness to him, he did at least have experience with X10, and saw the light about Z-Wave.

I've plenty on at the moment, but if I get to play with this then there could be some interesting uses for it as an interface.

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