Build of Huxley 3D printer

Posted October 14 2012, tagged reprap, huxley,

I've been really impressed with RepRap Pro huxley kit.  The parts area really clean, and don't need much in the way of reaming of trimming with a knife.  

What I've also enjoyed, is that all the pieces for the printer arrived in one go.  In building my Sells, I had to wait for each order to arrive.  I'm also less concerned that all the various components will match.

There was a slight delay in getting the delivery, since they were waiting on  a particular part.  However I've got to hand it to them, there communication is great.

Last couple of weekends, and evening have been spent putting things together. I'm tested everything

However I hit a snag with the electronics.  Although initially things worked as planned, they went down hill fast.

Having tested things intially, I then remembered to turn the pots to reduce the current to the stepper motors. It seemed that it took a larger number of turns than I thought possible with such a small component. In fact I never got to the a stop point. After a while I stopped and turned the pots 30^ clockwise. I also connected the heated bed.

The second time I turned on, and connected the printer, I had no such luck. Although the printer connected to the host software, and both hot end and heated bed responded. No stepper motor worked at all. I thought I had turned the pots to low. So I executed a home command on one axis, and turned the pot clockwise a number of turns.  

I think I may have turned the pots too far, and broken them. 

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