Radio Pi - Part 1

Posted June 30 2012, tagged raspberrypi, radiopi,

I have a radio alarm clock that is getting a bit old.  When I move the volume control I get a bit of sharp static, and then it settles down.  I know I could replace the potentiometer or clean the existing one.  However the unit looks ugly and I'd like to find something that looks a bit better.  

One of its saving graces is that it has a few features that makes it really useful.  I can set the radio to stay on for a pre-dertermined amount of time.  Which is handy when I want to fall asleep to the radio.  I can set two alarms and use the sleep if I need a few more Zs.

It does look ugly though, and with the Raspberry Pi I can come up with something that is much better than anything on the market today. This is something tht excites me about the RaspberryPi.  With a bit of effort a skilled person can produce a bespoke product that exceeds what can be produced comemertially.

So the outline of the project is as follows;

An alarm clock that can;

  • Play MP3 files as an alarm
  • Support multiple alarms
  • Have an alarm scheule that is flexible around weekends
  • Play live radio or stream it
  • Provide sleep and snooze functions

At the moment I have a Tivoli radio, and I want the radio to fit within that aesthetic.  

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