Bought a new printer

Posted September 09 2012, tagged reprap,

My Sells Mendel has got my through the last year or so without too much trouble.  However I really want to upgrade it with a heated bed, smaller nozzel, and fix the crack in the x-carridge.  The smooth bars I've used are'nt the greatest, and I should just move to linear bearings rather the the ones I've got now.

Looking at the options, I've just decided that it would probably be faster to just get a new printer.  By the time I've upgraded the electronics (I'm using Gen6) and other bits for the heated bed. I will have spent a month or two getting something ready, I could built one.

Also I've always liked the size of the Huxley.  I saw a very early version of Jean Marcs machine at Meet the Machines and the Makers.  What was interesting (in hindsight), was Adrian Bowyer also seemed very interested in it.

Now looking at RepRap pros Huxley, I could'nt resist it.  So hopefully I'll have a new printer arriving soon.

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