Build of Huxley 3D printer - Part 4

Posted January 05 2013, tagged reprap, huxley,

This week I've been at home getting a few things sorted for the flat.  I kept seeing my Huxley sat in a corner and gathering dust.  So decided to do something about it.

I never did anything with the advice I received back from RepRap pro.  It turns out that the pots on the board meant are meant to spin freely.  I never broke them.  So having had a nice break, I took the time over the electronics. 

So with a multimeter I carefully turned the pots to the correct voltage.  Then tested everything.  To my complete suprise nearly everything worked straight away.  The only thing that was wrong was the x-axis motor was wired incorrectly.

I can't work out if I should feel elated that the printer is working, or embarressed that it took so long to fix.

However I have to say I'm really impressed with RepRap Pros Huxley.  The first print I tried came out as good as most on my Sells.  I've not calibrated steps per mm or anything.  Just took a long time to level the bed.  So I can't be happier with this printer.

Just want to move over to Slic3r since I got used to the speed it slices.

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