Backgammon piece actuator and servo linkages

Posted February 26 2013, tagged backgammon, robot,

My original plan had been to link the servo to the syringe and actuator using a piece of wire.  This is how I understand is the standard way.  However I tried various pieces of wire and techniques to get the wires the correct length and stay in place.  Nothing really seemed to work reliably enough.

I guess I got a bit fixated on using a wire as the con-rod.  As a quick test I just modeled something up and printed it.  This new printed con-rod works perfectly. 

On another note the tip of a toy day that I planned to use as the suction cup proved to unreliable.  So I spent an evening looking for some commertial suppliers.  I did find one company who offered 'no order too small'.  A few emails later they were kind enough to send me one for free.

The difference between this and the toy is light years apart.  From a few inial tests a syringe providing the vacuum is able to hold a piece for close to a minute.  

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