First milestone in Backgammon robot

Posted February 19 2013, tagged backgammon, robot,

With my huxley printing well (I've still not calibrated it!), I've moved back to the backgammon playing robot.

I have a large number of sketchs of various bits that I need.  Also I've a board as the playing area, and some bits lying around.

I've started working from the actuator.  My plan is to work back through the arms to the base.  

The first problem to solve has been how to get the actuator to lift up and down.  From various options, I've come around to having a rack an pinion arrangement, with the actuator moving through a linear bearing.

Although there is a bit of play in the design, it does'nt seem to stop the mechanism from working properly.

With the design of each peice I've fallen in to the mentality that all the plastic parts are there to do is support various components.  So with Sketchup, I just create the holes, and add just enough walls to provide strength.  I kind of came to this with previous designs printed on my Sells mendel, but have started to take it further with this project.

The other approach that I've fallen in to so far is to get one piece ahead of myself.  That is, I have have a piece being printed while I design the next piece in the project.  So far it seems to be working well.

Although having just enough room to fit in the servo was just luck.  5mm or so and there would have been trouble.





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