Nearly finished the upper arm of the backgammon robot

Posted March 03 2013, tagged backgammon, robot,

I've finsihed putting the bits together for the upper arm of the robot.  This part was a lot simpler than the lower arm.  Since the only requirements are to hold a motor, hold the lower arm and not twist.

To provide a means to rotate the lower arm, I need a couple of pullies printed.  This new Huxley keeps suprising me.  First time and they came out just about perfect.  With my older printer it would have been several frustrating prints.

With that mostly complete by the weekend I was able to think about how it would be mounted.  Since I had some plywood lying around that I bought for a flight case for the Huxley, I stole some of that

To support the upper arm, I realised that a simple thrust bearing would'nt be sufficient to support it.  So looked at a few designs, and ended up with a Lazy Susan support for it.  This works really well, and I'm very happy with it.

With the base build as well it was just a question of coming up with a means to support the arm, and provide a mounting for the camera in the future.  


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